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Across the classic special as I Timberland Yellow Boots 40 anniversary party
Timberland Black Friday
Timberland (Tian Bailan) Yellow Boots since 1973 has been called “the classic brand, with several generations of people, long lasting growth. Yellow boots is not just a pair of boots, but also a kind of attitude, representative firm, without fear, to go its own way, is a perfect Timberland DNA presentation. The night of September 27, 2013, yellow boots have ushered in a grand birthday party in Beijing 798 Art center. Yu Quan collaborative fashion circle master, guests and media, copolymerization “Timberland town”, Qi Qi as the 40 anniversary of the two legendary classic yellow boots. Located in the 798 Art Center 40 anniversary Timberland Yellow Boots party is to build a new England feel the United States Eastern town of Timberland. Reproduction vitality, natural scenery, native, became the birthplace of the campaign all creative passion. All the guests through the different scenes in the town shuttle, to experience the Timberland brand new culture and brand concept. The event of “across the classic, particularly as I Best Then, Better Now” for the tenet, review and presenting Timberland reincarnation, to display the full range of Timberland set “fashion Style”, “Performance” and “Green” in a brand new concept. The scene in the whole activity, suddenly the most eye-catching than a giant yellow boot device. This yellow boots complete reference the most classic “10061 Yellow Boots” style, to pay tribute to the classic fashion style! This is 1.5 meters high, 2.05 meters wide, 7.2 meters long huge monster, we have in the shoe. Activities are also specially invited fashion stylist, the photographer for guest on “field – Show”, professional studio luxury lineup sparked intense guests, how can we miss a record this and fashion related classic moments. Scene 40 years, Timberland Yellow Boots heritage in the process of classical and excellence. The first two truly waterproof boots boots advent, is similar in the first paragraph. This pair of combination of premium full grain nubuck leather, rubber lug thick sole, Timberland injection technology use and selection of high quality leather incomparable, showing the process quality of the Yellow Boots excellence. In addition, as people now see, this yellow boots deep influence in the fashion industry, after 40 years, leading many culture, many stars to be pursued, cross generational fashion essential goods. Timberland is not only a symbol of excellence in technology, is the embodiment of the fashion life. Wei Fu Group Timberland and Napapijri brand in Asia Pacific region vice president and managing director Stu Venning said, this is the 40 year yellow boots 40 years is Timberland brand change, from a professional shoe company to become a global leading brand of the fashion field, these results not only due to the brand inherit the traditional process, but also from to active in contemporary fashion professionals to provide new inspiration, makes “across the classic, brand concept into people extraordinary let me of life”. Timberland has transcended the outdoor field, there are a lot of fans in the entertainment circle, become a popular all over the world fashion “trendsetter” support brand.
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Just from the Chaoyang City shop store later into the field of Yu Quan, is also a “Yellow Boots” loyal fans. Yu Quan said in an interview: “the fashion circle has been changing very fast. But is this yellow boots, red for 40 years. It has not only become the brand Timberland classic, is a witness to many people’s growing up. 40 years, enough to let the boy into a man, and the age of 40 Timberland, also in the evolution of again tonight. Best Then, Better Now, 40 years yellow boots is a kind of quality, not quantity. Like, every day we live, we are expected to become better. The Timberland with its new series and face appeared, not only the continuation of a yellow boots legend, is to create a fashion, quality, green fashion. As the 40 years of classic and witness the extraordinary, we feel very honored.”
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It is reported, Timberland start the first wave Global Limited Edition shoes on the anniversary, with the collection significance limited cool yellow boots will be listed on the global synchronization, the world only 1973 pairs of limited sales.
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About Timberland timberland
Black Friday Timberland
In 1955, Nathan Swartz bought all the shares of Abington footwear company. In 1973, Swartz launched the first two family waterproof boots on real significance, named “The Timberland”. In 1978 the company officially changed its name to The Timberland Company. In 2011, Timberland was acquired by VF, renamed Timberland LLC.
Timberland Black Friday 2013
Timberland timberland men, women and children design advanced casual footwear, apparel and accessories products. While a Timberland PRO ® product line, designed to provide professional footwear and apparel for industrial customers. In the global sales network, website, including self stores, independent retailers, and the senior department stores and professional sporting goods store. In 2012 the total sales of us 1500000000. With approximately 7500 employees worldwide, is headquartered in the United States state of new hampshire.
Timberland Black Friday Deals
Timberland timberland is committed to the Doing Well and Doing Good enterprise spirit — by providing first-class products, do first-class enterprise citizen, to create value for customers, employees and business partners, double the successful implementation of business interests and social responsibility.
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